What you will learn

Get a solid grounding of the most important financial instruments used by companies to solve their everyday problems or maximize their financial efficiency.

  • Learn about treasury products (in terms of features, benefits, risks and their use in risk-mitigation strategies)

  • Understand how the systems of central (reserve banks), inter-bank markets, capital markets and equity markets fit together.

  • Pricing, trading, and business-day conventions used for various financial instruments (treasuries, NCDs, repos, bonds, forex, forwards and futures and more).

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Perry Fisher


Perry Fisher

Perry has extensive experience in investment banking and education. While an investment banker he structured multimillion-dollar transactions, developed pricing models, managed investment-related risks, prepared client pitches and successfully closed deals. Prior to investment banking, Perry worked as a training facilitator for a small business incubator program. He also taught A-level Economics, Statistics and Mathematics at one of South Africa's most prestigious high schools, and authored mathematics textbooks for distance learning students. Perry holds a Bachelor’s degree in statistics and actuarial science and an honours degree in advanced mathematics of finance.

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